Episode 219

Published on:

31st Dec 2023

Former human trafficker and drug dealer now comedian Richard Villa

An interview podcast giving the inside scoop of what happens in comedy scenes across the globe and dedicated to speaking to the mavericks in the comedy world. In todays bombastic episode we speak to former human trafficker and drug dealer, Richard Villa, a veteran comedian of 20+ years in the standup comedy business. Here is an overview of what we discussed:

[[03:08]] Why he never picks on the audience [[06:56]]

[[07:09]] People getting offended is like going on a theme park ride [[10:43]]

[[11:05]] Getting cancelled in Mexico [[14:15]]

[[21:17]] How living a colourful life has given him grit and prepared him for comedy [[26:02]]

[[25:25]] No one is as nice or as bad as they claim [[26:02]]

[[26:06]] Its now all about authenticity [[26:32 ]]

[[26:40]] Don’t punish people for what they say on stage [[27:17]]

[[31:11]] The big cliques in comedy are a hiding place for mediocrity [[33:20]]

[[33:26]] Create your own path and fuck what others tell you as they ain't you [[34:34]]

[[35:01]] How Will Smith completely disrespected the art of standup comedy [[37:43]]

[[47:12]] Stop making excuses and believe in yourself[[49:10]]

For more information on Richard Villa, you can reach him on his website at https://www.richardvilla.com/ or you can follow him on social media, where his tagline is richardvcomedy on all main social media platforms.

If you would like to know more on Marvin, you can follow him through his Linktree at https://linktr.ee/theflopmaster. #comedypodcast #standupcomedy #interviewpodcast #podcastvideo #podcastinterview #podcast

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