Episode 113

Published on:

13th Jun 2021

How I made a career roasting the French

In this episode we talk to French superstar comedian, Paul Taylor. He is a comedian who left Apple and built a huge fanbase, through his famous, "WTF France series". It talks about his journey into comedy starting in the UK, The French comedy scene, His journey into WTF France, How it lead to him living his dream, French and English food, Touring a multi-lingual show and an awkward pants conversation with the ex-French presidents wife.

If you would like to know more about Paul, you can reach him on his website at https://paultaylorcomedy.com/, Instagram at ptcomedy, Facebook at ptcomedy,you can also listen and chat to him on his fabulous new podcast, "Paul Taylor's Happy Hour Live."

To find out about Marvin, you can reach him on all social media platforms at riceandchips1 or you can drop him an email at info@instant-laughs.com.

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