Episode 160

Published on:

24th Jul 2022

Being the lovely boys

We chat to Joe Kent-Walters and Mikey Bligh-Smith, together they are the unique clown troop, "The Lovely Boys." They want to show off their jumpers, and play with their toys and bring joy to their audience. Expect silly fun and games wherever they go. Here is an overview of what we discussed :

[02:48] What lead to the creation of the "Lovely boys."

[15:23] The migration of changing from musicians to comics

[16:43] Their reasons for coming to study with Philippe Gaulier

[20:53] What the Lovely boys overall experience of Philippe Gaulier was like

[27:10] How the Gaulier experience changed them?

[33:38] The benefits of being a double act

[39.20] Who their heroes are

[43:32] The problem with Edinburgh

[55:13] Their most shocking experience in comedy

If you would like to know more about The Lovelyboys, you can reach them on Facebook and Instagram at thelovelyboyscomedy or you can come watch them in Edinburgh here:https://edinburgh.justthetonic.com/event/88:2870/.

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