Episode 212

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12th Nov 2023

Does a social media following give you everything?

Making people laugh is the greatest feeling in the world, the challenges you have to overcome are not. Join comedian and promoter Marvin McCarthy as he interviews larger-than-life characters that will help comedians live life on their terms and find their niche.

Todays guest is the magnificent Tom Little, a brilliant comedian based in the midlands that has built a large social media following. He is already an award-winning comedian having been a finalist in the coveted BBC New Comedy Award 2014, he then won the title of Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year 2015 which firmly cemented his billing as ‘rising star.’ His 2018 Edinburgh show was nominated for the Amused Moose Comedy Award. He also performed in the Pleasance Comedy Reserve and the Just The Tonic: Big Value showcases at the Edinburgh Fringe. Here is what we discussed:

[[05:26]] Comedians having their audience and Jerry Sadowitz [[07:35]]

[[16:08]] What works on social media doesn’t always work in standup [[17:38]]

[[17:47]] What is the best social media platform [[23:56]]

[[24:53]] Podcasts being the most important thing in the building fans [[27:35]]

[[28:12]] What is the next thing going to be in comedy [[29:48]]

[[30:04]] Is the Edinburgh fringe back to its best? [[34:36]]

[[36:18]] There are two ways of doing Edinburgh [[42:01]]

[[42:01]] Difference between London, Midlands and rest of the UK [[46:24]]

[[45:29]] The problem with London [[46:24]]

[[47:11]] Should only pro comedians be teaching people about comedy [[50:41]]

[[51:48]] A golden nugget of comedy advice [[59:34]]

If you would like to know more on Tom Little, you can follow him on Twitter at @ThisIsTomLittle, Instagram at thisistomlittle and Youtube at @TomLittle. Furthermore, you can also find out about his latest gigs on his website at https://thisistomlittle.wordpress.com/, alternatively, you could watch his sketch at this link here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NYO-tcK1ycw.

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